The First Response for First Responders.

A nonprofit on a mission to provide services and resources to those who’ve dedicated their lives to our safety.

A helicopter flying over a forest fire, dropping fire repellant on trees.

Who We Are

The Norcal Emergency Response Organization is a nonprofit that was formed by accomplished volunteers and industry veterans with the intention of benefiting First Responders across varying causes.

A first responder with Sparky the Fire DogA group of first responders and young trainees in their uniforms.Two female first responders posing near an ambulance amongst trees.An emergency first responder in their firefighting gear.A first responder in fire gear, smiling while sitting on a tree trunk.A selfie of a first responder with a headset in a call center.A shirt design that states, "The love in the air is thicker than the smoke."A first responder posing with a police officer.A portrait of a first responder with the American flag as a backdrop.

Supporting First Responders

First Responders endure incredibly difficult obstacles in the line of duty. We provide assistance for First Responders at all points in their journey, including  individuals who may be just be starting out, to veteran First Responders. NERO focuses on three main areas of the First Responders journey:

Assistance to First Responders in the line of duty.

First Responder scholarship opportunities

Event support and volunteerism

Heroes need a helping hand, too

You can support the individuals who put their lives on the line every day for us through a number of publicly transparent campaigns, so you can see directly where your funds go. From frontline support in the line of duty to behind the scenes assistance for individuals, we can provide First Responders with the thanks that they deserve.

An exhausted firefighter kneeling on the pavement, surrounded by firetrucks and gear.

Calendar of events

See what’s happening in your community tha’ts bringing a psoitive impact to First Responders

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Become a Member for Free

Did you know you can support us through a free membership? Whether you're looking to help as a volunteer or just want to stay up to date with our happenings, becoming a member benefits our organization in a number of ways.